MDB is administered by a management body that is headed by the chairman as the executive officer and 17 council members. These council members are hired by the state of Kedah for a 2 year period and the service term of YD is dependent on the state of Kedah
This management body is managed by 9 divisions that is headed by the secretary as head of administration. He is assisted by the respective heads of departments. All management is under the control of the chairman and executed by the respective secretary to the heads of departments. This board of managers is responsible for making policies and the law, monitoring the council and planning and planning control in Baling's development.

6 of council members from heads of department are known as ex-officio are:

1) Yang Dipertua Majlis Daerah Baling
 2)  Pengarah JPBD Negeri Kedah Darul Aman
 3)  Ketua Polis Daerah Baling
 4)  Jurutera Daerah JKR Baling
 5)  Jurutera Daerah JPS Baling
 6)  Pegawai Kesihatan Daerah Baling